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Mid Term Break

Dear all,

Thank you for a lovely first mid term! We are so happy with the work the students have produced over the past couple of weeks. May you all have a lovely mid term break and we are looking forward to seeing you all back on Sunday 11th November 2018!

British day

Dear parents,

Please be reminded of the British day in school tomorrow. Students are encouraged to come dressed in British theme, this can either be a famous landmark, a price/princess, English noble man/women or any other creative ideas you have that represents Britain. Please note that we do not want students to come dressed in football shirts, it is not what the day is about.

Looking forward to a fun day with the students!

KG Green day reminder

All KG students!
Remember to come dressed in green tomorrow to finish off our topic on the colour green!

KG Blue day 4.10.18

Here are some lovely pics of our KG students celebrating Blue day last Thursday!
KG Blue
 KG Green
KG Red
KG Yellow

Parent Info Event

Dear all,

Thank you for those parents who were able to attend out New Parent Information event on such short notice. However, for those of you who were not able to make it today, we have attached the presentation for you to go through at your own time. It is a summary of what was sent home in the Paren/Pupil handbook.

Have a lovely weekend.

KG Blue day

Remember KG Blue day tomorrow!

EYFS New Parent Event

Dear all,

This is just a reminder of the new parent information event that will be held in the auditorium tomorrow from 11:00-12:00.

If you will be attending the event and your child usually goes home on the bus, please make sure that you send a note in the communication books tomorrow so that the teacher know to send her home by bus or not.